How To Create & Sell An eBook

An eBook is a PDF file that is sold as a solution to a specific problem. Whilst most people associate this type of business with the Internet (digital media), it goes back a LOT further than that, namely with direct response copywriting & products – many of which exist today. When considering putting together an eBook, you need to make sure you have a product worth buying. If you’re doing it purely for money, you’ll have to sell into one of the dumbass markets like Forex or Investing. In this article, I will explain the steps to take to make an eBook and sell it online.

Firstly, you need to know what you’re going to sell information about. The absolute WORST thing you can do is to make an idea in your head, and miraculously hope it will get promoted online. Whilst this works in some cases, for most it does not. Actually, to be specific, it DOES work if you’re prepared to be patient and find the appropriate audience. As mentioned, the largest audiences are generally the most stupid — “investing” and “Forex” being the prime culprits.

To find a market / topic worth writing about, the best thing you can do is write from experience. If there was ever a “secret trick” you found / discovered / encountered, you’ll be much better placed to make it work. For example, I had a penile yeast infection some time ago and found that using anti-dandruff shampoo fixed the majority of the problem. Unfortunately, some more of it was buried under the skin which lead me to find my own (painful) way to resolve it. This is the type of material someone would buy from an eBook. $9.99 for a simple solution.

If you have a market / topic you have some expertise in, you need to then put the book together. Doing this is very simple – and now free. You just need to load up a new “Google Docs” document and type out what you want. I won’t explain the structure you should use (that’s better for another article). You just need to write it and then afterwards, you can save as PDF. This gives you your eBook. If you want to publish it online, either make a simple HTML website OR use one of the myriad of “website builders” that have popped up online in recent years (Wix etc).

As for selling the eBook, use ClickBank. It’s the largest “digital retailer” and has by far the largest number of affiliate promotional partners. This is basically like a digital sales force – working on your behalf to sell your product. For $50 you will get your product into the ClickBank marketplace, which should allow you to get it sold relatively quickly.

As a pro tip – you need to look up the “free line” by Eban Pagan. He wrote a hugely successful eBook called “Double Your Dating” under the penname “David DeAngelo” back in the early 2000’s. Since turning to business consulting, Eban explained many of his principles and giving away a LOT of value up front was one of them.

Finally, the killer point here is that there needs to be one killer reason why someone will buy your product. The key is to then GIVE THAT AWAY on the website. For example, with my penile yeast infection thing – just make a video explaining the WHOLE process and give it for free. Then say the book is $9.99 if they need more technical details / information pertaining to what may go wrong.

Free eBooks – How to Turn PDF Files on Your PC Into Cash

Over the course of the last few years you have probably had a few PDF files stored on your PC. Most are probably free eBooks that you received in your email when you registered to a website or free eBooks that you found using search engines. Some of these free pdf’s may have really helped you with your business, your hobby, your health or inspired your personal life. You may have even shared a few of them with friends and family.

Did it ever cross your mind that you could be making money from sharing these free pdf files? You can. The key to making money from these files is to share your personal experience from reading that particular eBook. You want to do this in a way that will get others to download it, make the best of it and come back to read more reviews from you on more eBooks. From this, you will gain the experience of blogging (or micro blogging) without wasting the time to create your own content. It will also give you free access to unlimited numbers of free eBooks.

To start, upload your eBooks to a free pdf library. Make sure that it is a common share resource and that you are not infringing copyrights in any way. Write a short, but key word rich, review to get found easily. Visitors to the website looking to download free eBooks will find your eBooks and reviews, and ultimately will click the link pointing to your own resources: your website, sales page, your affiliate link or your premium product in the same niche.

If you are a beginner at this, open a free account at and look for premium information products that could be associated with the free resource you have reviewed. Watch a video called “don’t download free eBooks before you see this” on YouTube, for detailed tutorial of this process. The great thing about using ClickBank is that customer service, orders and refunds are all automated and done for you. You just earn commissions and continue promoting free eBooks and new products.

Writing an eBook

I have seen a lot of information on the internet extolling the virtues of writing your own eBook. In these articles the emphasis seems to be far more on the “why” than the “how”. There have been many words written about the benefits of creating your own eBook and the various ways in which an eBook can be used in internet marketing. However, there seems to be far less information available on the actual process of writing the book. Perhaps this is because creating any kind of book requires the same approach whether you are writing a novel for printed publication, a set of short stories for Kindle or an eBook. Here follows some advice on how to write your own eBook.

The starting point of writing any book in any format is to “have a story”, whether this is literally a story (as in a work of fiction), a niche topic or some other form of valuable information. The more expert you are in the realm of your chosen subject, the easier it will be to produce an eBook which has real value in the eyes of your eventual eBook readers. If your topic is one with which you are not so familiar then plenty of research will be needed in order to acquire the necessary knowledge to produce a meaningful end product.

Once you have your topic you will need to break this down into sub-topics. If you are writing an informational eBook (which is likely) there will be subcategories which can be treated as chapters within the book. If you wish to produce an eBook of, say, 45 pages which covers all aspects of a wide-ranging subject, it is necessary to plan ahead, identifying and naming the different issues you will want to discuss in your writing. Each of those issues can become a chapter. The 45 pages could be divided into 9 chapters of 5 pages each. Each of those sub-sections could then be subdivided further into bite-sized pieces. A key point with writing an eBook is to work on small sections at a time. In order to do that successfully you will need the book planned out in detail before you actually begin to write. Each small section will become a building block in the construction of your finished work.

My first foray into online business was about 9 years ago when I produced articles and eBooks on topics related to my career as a musician. I am an oboist and I wrote an eBook on how to play the oboe. This was put together from a set of articles based on different techniques and problems of playing the instrument. The completed eBook has continued to produce sales ever since. Being a topic where I was a real expert helped enormously in the creative process.

If you feel that creative writing skills are not your forte, it is possible to put together an eBook of your own but using the writings of other people. A bit of research and you will find articles on related subjects which can be put together as chapters in a book, so long as the articles authorship is acknowledged. Articles from ezine websites can also be used as chapters in your e-book, so long as you reproduce the article totally unchanged and complete with the resource box, including any link. Indeed, authors are only too happy for you to do this as their work (and their link) will be spread far and wide.

I hope this article has given you an insight into how to write an eBook. As I am sure you can now see, writing or creating your own eBook is not a difficult thing to do but it does require thought, planning and probably research too. Even if you haven’t attempted to write anything since leaving school, don’t be daunted by the prospect. Anyone can do it!

How To Write An eBook Template

If you operate an online business, there are some very good reasons to write an eBook. Your own eBook will help to establish you as a recognized specialist in your field.

Another reason to consider writing your own eBook is the passive income it can generate for you. You do the work once and you can sell the eBook again and again on your website.

Here’s the template for writing an eBook.

Break It Down Into Workable Tasks

The hardest part of writing an eBook is the title, first and last sentence. Breaking it down makes each task seem smaller and more manageable. When you look at the whole project, it seems like an impossible task, but if you can get the project started, even if not perfectly, at least you have begun to get the words down.

Determine A Good Working Title

Titles help you to concentrate writing on your subject matter. Write down a few different titles and gradually you’ll find that one that starts to grow on you. Your title will guide you in predicting and responding to your readers’ questions.

Have A Good Reason For Your eBook

Be absolutely clear what issue you’re dealing with and how your eBook will fix that issue for your target audience. Make sure there’s good reason to write your eBook so that it helps your target audience.

Don’t Write For Everyone

Remember you’re writing an eBook for your target audience. It’s not possible to write an eBook that will be liked and read by everybody. Know the expected age range of your readers, their main interests and the socio-economic group they belong to.

Keep Your Writing Interesting

Generally, stories, testimonials, pictures, charts, guidance and tips will keep an audience reading the pages. Use sidebars on the page for quick, accessible information. This will help break up the density of the page.

Let Somebody Read It First

Before you release your eBook, get someone to read it first. They may spot something that you have missed. Also don’t forget to make backups of all your work. There’s nothing worse than having your eBook practically completed only to lose it if your computer crashes all of a sudden.

Write Down Your Objectives

The more you know your objective, the less complicated the actual writing will be. Are you writing an eBook to sell it as an information product on your website? Or do you want to offer it as a free gift to encourage people to opt in to your email list? The more you know about how you plan to publish it, the more you can write toward that objective.

Making Money By Selling Products Online


You cannot make money, online or offline, unless you have something to sell, thus figuring out what that ‘thing’ shall be your first step. There are many things you can sell online, from digital products to physical items. Many people think about things that they enjoy or have a passion for when they are trying to start an online business.

For instance, if you are an avid collector of fridge magnet, why not get into the business of that? I have a friend who attended the same Internet Seminar with me a few years ago who are now successful in her online business, using fridge magnet as the base.

Another example, if you are a good proofreader or a certified translator, you could offer proofreading or translating services. The list of possible things that can be sold online is huge. Let us examine some of the different kinds of things one can sell online in order to build a successful online business.


When we say physical products, they are actually any tangible thing that a customer purchases from you. While the list of possible physical products could go on and on, a few examples of physical products for sale can include but not limited to thumb drives, stickers, books, t-shirts, shoes, cookware, electronic gadgets, dresses and others.

There are many different companies selling physical products that are highly successful. People enjoy being able to click a button and purchase things that they want without having to leave their homes. This is one reason sites like eBay are so popular; individuals are able to find the things they want at cheaper prices.


In this category, there is a huge industry of non-physical products when it comes to online businesses. People are able to sell things without having to stock items, or ship anything to the customer. This is because the customer receives it immediately. Informational products are one massive part of this industry, and can mean anything from self-help e-Books to audio books, to guide on how to build things and much more.

Just a few examples of non-physical products include but limited to PIN numbers for refillable mobile phones, software, and pre-made website banners or logos. Non-physical products definitely have an advantage over physical products when it comes to delivering the product to the customer.


Another thing one can sell online is a service of some sort. There are hordes of freelancers who do this online every single day. For example, freelance writers, website builders and even flash programmers are working online providing a service and getting paid for their work.

There are other kinds of services one can sell online and it could be anything from proofreading manuscripts to selling insurance, will writing, vacation spots, and much more.

Selling a service online can be beneficial because many times there is an existing company that you can work for in order to sell those things. This means that you won’t have to start your business from scratch and do not have to come up with the money up front that most people need to start a business.


Before you can build an online business, you will need to determine exactly what do you want to sell. Use your interests, passions, or hobbies to guide you as you choose from physical products, non-physical products, or services.

There are unique advantages and disadvantages of each type of product you can sell online, thus you will want to take these into account as well. Once you have determined what you want to sell, you can move on to setting up your own online business. As for me, I choose to run my Internet business by writing and selling e-Book.

Authors: Your Book Is Your Business

Start where you are with what you have. You’ve heard it hundreds of times. But what does that mean? You’ve published the book and you got it on up Amazon. Congratulations!

Now what? Now the fun and frenzy begins.

You push people to buy it. You share the link from Amazon. You do “free download” days with the eBook. You run Facebook ads. You blog about it. You send out eblasts. You get creative and do a book trailer and a few blog tours. You write a press release. You pitch yourself to the media. You book yourself on podcasts or run a teleseminar or start podcast all around the subject of the book.

Hoping people buy the book, talk about the book and then have more people BUY the book. Whew!

Book sales are soaring – for at least three months. Then you know what happens after about 90 days?


You’re worn out and tired of pushing your book. You stop pushing it and your sales tank. All that hard work and you are now at a stand still.

That’s why being an author is not enough. You have to become an authorpreneur. You must have a strategy to turn your book into a business.

You are the expert and the authority on whatever the topic of your book. You should not limit yourself to just being a sales person for a book. You are the CEO of your information product business.

An authorpreneur creates courses, workbooks, audio books, home study courses, lecture series – and even “branded” products like T-shirts, journals, backpacks or phone cases. This is what we call “product line extension.”

Think like an entrepreneur – not like an author. Sure, you can go speak and sell books in the back of the room. But you’re not leveraging the entire business model of what is possible with a book.

  • You can hold a yearly conference or convention around the subject of your book.
  • You could create a whole sales funnel and launch video/audio lessons for different levels of learning. Think about launching a series for those who are beginning, then intermediate and finally advanced.
  • You could coach individuals and consult with businesses.
  • You could sell your book in bulk to organizations.
  • You could become a paid spokesperson, columnist or a regular contributor to media organization as the expert.
  • You could get sponsors and provide them with content for their blogs.

The opportunities are endless. There are hundreds of products or streams of income you can pull out of your book, but you’ve got to think like an authorpreneur. It’s really about leveraging your resources, expertise and business savvy to get to the next level.

The Secret to Internet Marketing Success: Write an eBook

People love to know what is stored in that brain of yours. For me, when I look at people, I often wonder what kind of life do they live or what kind of talents they have that could help me out. My father was a very hard-working man before he passed away. Growing up, his dad taught him all the necessary skills of being a farmer and a mechanic. Here is one example of how he put his skills as a mechanic to the test. When I was young, my family was very poor and we had to make do with all that we had. When a tire needed to be replaced with a different rim, I watched my dad take that tire, placed it over the rim, sprayed the inside of the tire with starting fluid (very dangerous, do not try at home), lit a match, threw it in the tire, and it expanded and sealed it to the rim. I have seen so many skills that my dad possessed that I can’t even remember them all. From this example, readers can benefit from the knowledge that you own. While there are so many topics that are written about in an article or eBook, I am going to focus on the secret to internet marketing success. Anyone know what that is? Write an eBook!

There are eBooks that are children’s stories or short poems, but what readers really want is content that will help them to do anything. That is why “how to” eBooks, especially internet affiliate marketing books, are very popular these days. The way this economy is going, there are readers who are going to search the internet on how to earn money online so that they can earn a second income just to make ends meet.

When you are composing your first internet marketing book, fill it with content that will be beneficial to the potential entrepreneur. There are people who are struggling financially; hence, they will be looking to you, the affiliate marketer, for guidance. If your eBook contains empty and unusable information, you will have your customers screaming for their money back. If you have dreams of having your eBook has a bestseller, then you need to go all out and do some research that will be beneficial to the reader.

For example, if you are writing an eBook on internet marketing, the first thing that I would share is a little background of myself and go into great detail about my credentials as an affiliate marketer. For you, the affiliate marketer, share a skill that you developed over the years on a topic that you love to do. This will show your readers that you are an expert on this topic and will look to you for answers to their questions.

The next part of the eBook is to contain the “how to” steps of your skill or niche. For the internet marketing niche, don’t dive into the meat part of internet marketing or your readers will choke and lose interest in the topic. Start out with why they should get into affiliate marketing and the potential that they could earn a lot of money working in this field. Give them the very basics of what they are going to need to set up a successful work from home business.. The remaining eBook series on internet marketing will need to focus on article and video marketing, email auto-responders, and so forth.

This is not very hard at all, because all that you need to do is write down basic steps that made you successful in affiliate marketing. Writing an eBook is the secret to internet marketing success because you are sharing what you know about a certain topic or niche to a knowledge-starved people.

How A Cheap Ebook Can Make You Rich

Do you have a decent sized ebook that gives real, valuable information, and has as much content and thickness as a regular book you’d buy at the store?

If so then I’d like to give you an idea that can potentially bring you a hundred times more profit and money from that ebook.

And that idea is to consider getting it published by a real publisher.

Now, I know this isn’t always practical.

Here’s why:

Let’s say you find a good agent who gets you a deal to publish your book. What happens from that book is you now have something that will be professionally edited and published and placed in bookstores and libraries.

And people who get your book are going to consider you an expert and an authority on whatever your book is about.

And even if you only get a small advance on that book, you can potentially make millions in the long run because of the doors that book opens for you.

What kind of doors?

Well, for example, there are speaking engagements, media interviews, seminar invitations, and even courses you could be invited to teach.

True, you can get these by self publishing, but when you have a real publisher’s name behind you, both your perceived value and your demand go up automatically.

And in the end, you will have a much wider audience of people and the opportunity to attract big deals, big clients and big sales will be way higher than if you just keep selling your book online as a digital download.

Free E-Book Downloads – A More Eco Friendly Approach

If you are one of those who love to read books whether for fun or to gain more information, it is not necessary that you have to become a member of a local library or purchase new books every time. This is true; you can do this very well on your personal computer and that too, within a few minutes with the help of eBooks. E-books are nothing but an electronic form of paper books in the form of word format or a PDF format, so that you can easily save them on your hard drive.

There are many eBook websites over the World Wide Web from where you can download your eBook. Some websites may charge for your downloadable copy, however you can also get free eBook downloads from various free eBook downloads sites. You can download your copy and save it on your computer and can read it at your convenience.

Because of the various benefits that eBooks offer, there is no doubt about their increased popularity among the masses. The main advantage that free eBook downloads offer is the saving of time and effort. You need not go out of your house to the local library and search for the eBooks when you can easily find them over the net at your home. Secondly, the new books that you purchase in the market, most of them are costly, while on the other hand, eBooks are usually free of any cost.

Free eBook downloads are portable, so you can have your library whenever and wherever you go, in your mail box, or even portable disks. Also eBooks are eco friendly as you are not using any paper.

So if you want to have a library of your own, or want to read books in a more eco friendly manner, free eBooks are the best approach.

How to Make Money at Home During a Recession

The economy now a day is tough, which makes it difficult to find jobs and careers; so having alternative streams of income is important. Also having a traditional type business can get rough during these economic recessions, since not many people are looking to spend much money. Figuring out how to make money at home through the internet from money needy people is a handy skill to always have during these times.

People out there are not looking to spend money on things they don’t need, so choosing what to sell online is important. A niche that increases in demand during these times is how to make money at home opportunities, as you may guess why. This is when you provide the solution. Of course you will obviously need to be selling something in order to make an income off it.

If you are clever they will not be able to resist buying from you if you make it the perfect price, for the perfect opportunity they’ve been looking for. In this case our product’s is going to be e books with resell rights. An e book is an electronic book which can be viewed on your computer as a .pdf file. You can either write your own content, or you can obtain master resell rights to e books that have been written by others and sell them. Of course you keep 100% of the profit.

What’s great about selling e books is that they can easily be sold online, you receive your money through one of the online merchant accounts like pay pal or alert pay instantly, and if you choose the right way to sell them, your customers will receive the products without you lifting a finger. It’s one of the simplest forms in the how to make money at home world.

Now I don’t expect you to go out there and make a website your own website. I don’t expect you to write some valuable information and make your own e book, or find some profitable e books to resell. I don’t expect you to upload them to your own website, and make an irresistible offer with a twist creating people happily sending you massive amounts payments. If you knew how to do all this yourself you probably wouldn’t be seeking out some light.