Free eBooks – How to Turn PDF Files on Your PC Into Cash

Over the course of the last few years you have probably had a few PDF files stored on your PC. Most are probably free eBooks that you received in your email when you registered to a website or free eBooks that you found using search engines. Some of these free pdf’s may have really helped you with your business, your hobby, your health or inspired your personal life. You may have even shared a few of them with friends and family.

Did it ever cross your mind that you could be making money from sharing these free pdf files? You can. The key to making money from these files is to share your personal experience from reading that particular eBook. You want to do this in a way that will get others to download it, make the best of it and come back to read more reviews from you on more eBooks. From this, you will gain the experience of blogging (or micro blogging) without wasting the time to create your own content. It will also give you free access to unlimited numbers of free eBooks.

To start, upload your eBooks to a free pdf library. Make sure that it is a common share resource and that you are not infringing copyrights in any way. Write a short, but key word rich, review to get found easily. Visitors to the website looking to download free eBooks will find your eBooks and reviews, and ultimately will click the link pointing to your own resources: your website, sales page, your affiliate link or your premium product in the same niche.

If you are a beginner at this, open a free account at and look for premium information products that could be associated with the free resource you have reviewed. Watch a video called “don’t download free eBooks before you see this” on YouTube, for detailed tutorial of this process. The great thing about using ClickBank is that customer service, orders and refunds are all automated and done for you. You just earn commissions and continue promoting free eBooks and new products.