Can You Still Make Money With EBooks Or Has The Opportunity Passed You By?

When I was first getting started in this industry, I had to figure out everything for myself. The reason why is because the eBook industry was in its infancy and nobody really knew how anything worked.

Today things are far different. Not only has the Internet evolved, but the opportunity that exists today to generate a lot of money selling eBooks is greater than it has ever been.

People sometimes ask me whether or not I miss the so-called “good old days” when there was a lot less competition and it was easier to publish an eBook and get it noticed. Nothing could be further from the truth! Right now is the absolute best time ever to get started with eBooks – and things seem to only get better with each passing year as more and more people become comfortable with purchasing eBooks online.

Don’t allow yourself to dwell on the past. It doesn’t matter that you’re getting started in this industry today instead of 10 years ago. The truth is, if somebody took away everything that I have and forced me to start over again today – I’d be able to quickly and easily rebuild my little eBook empire within 90 days.

What you really need to focus on is how much money you would like to make as an eBook publisher. What would it mean to you and your family if you could generate an extra $500 per month selling eBooks on the Internet? How about an extra $1,500? Would that make a difference? The truth is, there are people making significant amounts of money on the Internet doing nothing but creating and selling eBooks.

It’s time for you to make a decision about whether or not you’re going to give this a try or if you’re just going to stay on the sidelines and watch as other people continue to make a ton of money in the eBook industry. Listen, I understand that you may have some reservations about whether or not you have enough time to start an online business. The truth is, I was working a full-time job at a call center when I started my eBook business. If I could do it, anybody can.

To the extent you’re ready to get started in this industry, I think it makes a lot of sense for you to follow a proven step-by-step formula that shows you exactly what you need to do is start making money on the Internet with eBooks in the shortest amount of time possible. Why would you want to reinvent the wheel? Instead of spending countless hours trying to figure things out through a process of trial and error, it makes a lot more sense to just do the exact things that have been proven to work.